Software Maintenance/Support

Software Maintenance/Support is directed to all our customers who already have systematized processes and want to improve it, either because the software that have implemented does not meet your requirements or fail to do for the growth of business activities. The Software can be developed in any programming language, NuevasTIC staff, has capabilities for improving the system.

For Software Maintenance/Support NuevasTIC, deploys agile development process; using a series of good practice; since the requirements gathering to partial and final deliveries are made in conjunction with the client and the team (customer requirements at any stage of development may change), in order to meet customer expectations.


About Us

NuevasTIC is a Software Development Company with over 8 Years of experiece, NuevasTIC is born in the belief of a more deloped and innovative Country on Technological Matters, that's why it count with highly trained and experienced professionals, who design, develop and implement quality products and services for Small Business and the Government.

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